Horseshoe load cell

Horseshoe load cell


The horseshoe load cell is used to measure direct polish rod load. The cell has a vertical install height of 3.5 inches. The horseshoe load cell may be installed with or without using preinstalled spool spacers.

The surface card readings are obtained with the horseshoe load cell and processed using the sonoecho™ dynamometer software. Downhole pump cards are calculated using the rod string detail. Both a standing and a traveling valve test can be performed. The software calculates pump leakage, standing valve leakage, traveling valve leakage and other items. A counterbalance may also be performed. In addition, the horseshoe load cell has an zero transducer function. This allows for greater absolute accuracy and compensation for transducer drift over time. sonoecho™ also offers a complete recalibration service if needed, on all load cells.

The disadvantage of this load cell: Before installing the horseshoe load cell, the motor has been shut off and the pumping unit brake has been set.



Horseshoe loed cell dimensions


• a 54 mm (2.126”)
• b 120 mm (4.724“)
• c 86 mm (3.386”)
• d 115 mm (4.528“)
• Accelerometer 6.1 kg (13.448 lbs)
Max. distance between the wirelines: 125 mm (4.912”)
Max. stroke:  
• Accelerometer no restriction
Power supply: rechargeable battery, wireless charge
Operating temperature: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Continuous operation: up to 10 days
Memory capacity: unlimited